January 18, 2017
Which Kitchen Faucet Do You Need premium
Your kitchen faucet, likely, is the most-used home feature you’ve got. It’s important to ensure the functionality of your faucet, and it’s even more important to select the right style.
January 11, 2017
Four Best Vanity Options to Complement Your Bathroom premium
Few things promote a bathroom’s contemporary appeal like a floating vanity. A floating vanity’s hard-edged design greatly complements space-saving setups
February 6, 2016
The Galley and Julien premium
Home improvements deserve fine detail touches. The Galley and Julien, both remarkable brands, deliver unprecedented attention to elegant angles and undiminished beauty. Both They Galley and Julien collections propose a unique approach to kitchen revitalization and customization: Each portrays a unique sense of natural appeal within timeless materials.   Kitchen customization requires a sharp sense of reverence, as […]
January 30, 2016
The Benefits of Air System Bathtubs premium
Whirlpool and air system baths alike have become quite popular in recent years. Non-aggressive water massages are the height of luxury, and a variety of products capable of generating an indulgent experience are available. Whirlpool and air system bath tubs, however similar, are not the same. Rather than using water jets, air baths utilize low pressure to create a soft massage […]
January 28, 2016
THG, Watermark and Gessi premium
THG, Watermark and Gessi contain classic architectural touches while presenting entirely new, innovative industrial designs. Modern homes are slick, enticing and enchanting, and each industrial bath feature accommodates for the new generation’s attention to detail.   Every THG, Watermark and Gessi product yields the world’s most intuitive edges, catering to an audience understanding of perfection. Special organization highlights each […]
January 25, 2016
Unlacquered Brass is Making a Comeback premium
Unlacquered brass is back in a big way. Currently one of the industry’s number-one bathroom choices, unlacquered brass is being selected for lavatory tub fillers, faucets and shower fittings. In the past, unlacquered brass selections were considered timeless, responsive and consistent. Now, they’ve achieved the same while being incredibly trendy.   Design-Conscious Homeowners   The modern homeowner prefers gold-tone metals […]