Blu Bathworks: Pure Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim
Bath and Beyond November 26, 2015

Perfect for any location, destination or need, the Blu Bathworks Pure Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim offers a three-way diverter, advanced chromatic color and intensive design. Customized shower experiences are always available, as the Blu Bathworks Pure Thermostatic Tub and Shower Trim encases top quality technology, harnessing multifunctional options across three ports. Spa-like retreats are always an option with Blu Bathworks, as are great bathroom design options.


Simultaneous Action


The Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim enables quick operational capabilities. Customized shower experiences deserve immediate attention, and Blu Bathworks has succeeded in creating a trip capable of enhancing base product actions. Your bathroom has never been this accessible, and your shower—never so enhanced.


The Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim utilizes advanced spacing and placement to grant total maneuverability. Due to thermostatic creation needs, accessible designs are necessary to encompass a wide array of operational uses. Each Blue Bathworks product is built to scale with your shower’s natural design, so spatial requirements, functionality or use preferences are never sacrificed.


Beautifully Finished


The Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim has been expertly crafted with Italian-made metals. Blu Bathworks only maintains high-grade material designs, presenting timeless designs in new, innovative ways. Of course, construction versatility is important, and Blu Bathworks insists upon creating only the best, most successful, designs.


The three-fourths-of-an-inch thermostatic valve is easily gripped, remaining efficient yet beautiful. The Blu Bathworks line prioritizes classic idealism and simplicity, creating contemporary accents perfect for any bathroom. Where the Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim is considered, accented perfection goes well with any area addition. Each finished fixture compliments your tub or shower’s natural lighting, procuring an excellent, thriving environment. Simple, clean and necessary, the Blue Bathworks line consistently offers high-grade solutions without sacrificing style.


High Capacity Operation


Each Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim generates endless uses via three separate ports. Four powerful functions deliver a range of opportunities. Shower experiences can be altered based upon pressure, drizzle frequency and temperature. Separate functions are entirely conducive to fully systemized processes, making each shower experience both unique and consistent. The shower valve trim maintains handle, body, collar and faceplate integrity, creating true value in shapely, magnificent displays.


The valve’s distinct spray patterns, when utilized, create a multitude of atmospheres. As bathrooms change, grow and evolve, the product’s ambiance is secured in new realms. Different tub and shower designs are both complimented and enhanced; the Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Tim succeeds in amplifying every artistic aspect. As water is diverted to a shower’s shower-head, its Italian-made metals are entirely visible, not succumbing to the regular fog generated in long sessions.


Dimensional integrity, durability and peak design guarantee quality use, and Blu Bathworks insists upon both household and environmental perfection. Each product upholds industry standards, maintaining compliance with both user and professional needs. The Thermostatic Tub and Shower Valve Trim adheres to the same standards, creating excellent memories while upholding virtue. Bathrooms are deserving of solace, as are the experiences within them.,,,