Bringing Out the Nature: Your Spa-Like Bathroom
Bath and Beyond October 23, 2015


Regardless of season, nature is a great flavor. Your bathroom area can be shaped up a little, and you needn’t collapse walls to do it. A lot of homeowners seek comfortable, outdoor-oriented bathroom designs. They increase feelings of “escape” while maintaining clean functions.


Your bathroom getaway is already there—you just need to invoke it! A few methods exist for creating a spa-like appearance, one capable of generating a feel entirely separate of your main household areas. Let’s take a look:


Tip One: Call in the Lighting


When people think of nature, they consider rainforests riddled with light shafts. Skylights are great for generating all-natural comfort while saving energy. Do It Yourself contains some great home improvement options, and even professionals can instill a sense of beauty throughout installation.


Here, bigger is better. Depending upon the skylight’s location, your bathroom will light up with glamour. You can even acquire opulent lighting with strip lights above your mirror area. When the sun goes down, the old-fashioned lights come up. Sure, there’s a switch involved, but low-key strip lights are much more appealing than regular vanity lights.


Tip Two: Increase the Foliage


Even if you’ve got a simple planter, decorating further with natural objects and foliage can increase your bathroom’s overall “outdoor” appearance. Seashells, wood and stone go great with fake foliage, invoking a sauna-like vibe. Depending upon your region, either of these materials accommodates for an “outdoor connection” within your bathroom.


Remember: As the temperature varies, your installations may expand and contract. It’s important to laminate any wooden flooring, and it’s important to install light tan paneling around any cabinets. The Bath and Beyond offers an excellent Stone Forest Wash Basin capable of withstanding heat alterations while remaining stoic and secure.


Tip Three: Organize


Sure, outdoor areas are technically cluttered, but nature’s clutter is…well, nature. You’ll want to remove any toiletries from plain sight to create a free flowing environment. A bathroom filled with clutter will appear disorganized, robbed of its spa-like virtue. A composed bathroom, however, appears wonderfully archaic while creating overall mystery for onlookers.


There is a way to decrease clutter without losing functional purpose, too. A nice console table both stores toiletries while appearing natural. Similarly, add baskets for an aesthetically pleasing organization area.  Be sure to dedicate specific areas to specific items, and remove anything without purpose.


Tip Four: Look Into Heated Floors


While a bit more expensive, heated floors can greatly increase your bathroom’s dynamic, natural feel. Stepping from a bathtub onto a cold floor can be shocking, and heated surfaces are great for winter months.


If you’re intending to save some money, you can also look into stone-based flooring. Stone naturally holds heat, so your shower sessions will increase their surface temperature. These surfaces also increase the overall stone-basin ambiance, furthering a sauna-like look. Remember to tie your bathroom’s décor together, as a stone floor by itself can appear out of place otherwise.


Your entire bathroom area can be an entertainment piece when presented well. Everyone likes feeling comfortable, and a rustic spa accommodates for many household styles. Sure, a good bit of effort will be needed—but that’s the fun part, isn’t it?


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