Duravit Toilets: An Eco Friendly Option
Bath and Beyond October 16, 2015

Duravit’s own one-piece design and inspirational creativity has delivered some of the industry’s most creative solutions. Duravit toilets offer innovative facilities for exquisite bathroom locations—both at home and in private facilities. Duravit’s two-piece product selections offer similar design, providing high quality performance and years of sustainability.


A Preferred Sanitary Ceramics Provider


Duravit’s century-old ideals and practices helped craft its excellent traditions. Providing success platforms for facilities since 1956, Duravit’s dedication to consumer communities has outfitted it for future success. Today, Duravit’s products are created at 10 production plants—crafted by over 5,000 employees.


Supreme Taste and Design


Duravit toilets exemplify grand design, boasting individual tastes and innovative qualities. Benchmarked for years, each product enhances Duravit’s excellent design by outdoing previous models. Duravit toilets have received numerous international design awards, highlighting the brand’s bold design and hallmark appearance.


Duravit designers are considered prominent worldwide innovators, and its practical product selection never adheres to “design for design’s sake”. Each product fulfills the owner’s requirements, featuring the world’s most popular tastes.


Ultimate Fashion


Duravit’s dedication to the modern home bathroom has generated transformative technologies. It’s time to refresh yourself, and it’s time to feel good. Duravit toilets offer beneficial water supply systems for green living, and their practicality is matched with aesthetic design.


Comfortable, clean living is Duravit’s endgame, and dream bathrooms capable of fusing functionality with comfort aren’t only possible. They’re standard. Modern bathrooms perform a variety of functions, and facilities have been trimmed to provide modern, minimalistic features without sacrificing advantages. Duravit toilets are here, boasting great options.


Selection Variety for the Modern Home


Duravit toilets feature an unashamedly nostalgic yet modern design approach. Timeless, enchanting and beautiful, each selection fosters a bathroom’s ambiance with little intrusion. The Duravit 1930 series promotes modern appeal along classic functionality, and its Bathroom Foster and Caro selections both maneuver the brand into a new age, providing new features and great freedom.


Modern, new looks will likely return as Duravit expands its industry outreach. Duravit’s D-Code and DuraStyle line exhibit excellent attention to detail while remaining wholesome, durable products. Reinterpreting old archetypes is Duravit’s chief virtue, as is creating metro-style design options capable of capturing contemporary angles.


Timeless Construction


Each product features Duravit’s classic rounded-corner design and wide-ranging beauty. Design artists like Philippe Starck have contributed to the Duravit toilet lineup, enhancing the company’s U.S product inventory with excellent, diversified options.


Consistently successful, consistently preferred and consistently minimalistic, Duravit toilets remain one of the country’s top-tier providers. The modern bathroom deserves a nod to old ideologies, and Duravit products are constructed with highly durable materials to ensure longevity. Conservative form, of course, is a Duravit priority, and its product line engages purity while enhancing surrounding inclusions. Duravit selections match bathroom amenities well, and each product enhances surrounding sinks, showers, closets and accessories.


Of course, metal consoles, matching vanity units and basin additions are available, making Duravit an experience, rather than a single product selection. Surface-mounted washes and weightless beauty highlight Duravit, nodding to its years of excellence.



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