Four Best Vanity Options to Complement Your Bathroom
Bath and Beyond January 11, 2017

Few things promote a bathroom’s contemporary appeal like a floating vanity. A floating vanity’s hard-edged design greatly complements space-saving setups, and it’s available in several options.


Commonly seen a modern home design hallmark, the floating vanity’s hard edge, rectangular shape and minimalistic design are hard to forget. If you want to make your bathroom more expansive, or if you simply want a bold accent to pair with your newest bathroom features, check out the four elegant floating vanities homeowners love.


The Singular Floating Vanity


Simple, clean and sufficient, the singular floating vanity can open your visual bathroom space while promoting a simple, modern design. Often installed with basic whites and blacks, singular floating vanities are both service areas and basic color displays. They’re fantastic focal points, serving as a bathroom’s “in-between” for shower liners, mirrors and doors. If you’re seeking a cohesive attribution to your wash area, a singular floating vanity is your best bet.


The Floating Vanity Pair


Sometimes, accent colors are better-presented in pairs. Modern floating vanity pairs offer traditional design while granting homeowners the ability to mix, match and collaborate styles. Commonly installed with sleek-brushed nickel cabinets, marble basins and dual faucets, floating vanity pairs accentuate a bathroom’s style while promising functionality. They don’t dominate the space, either, as they’re often constructed with set-back designs.


The Wall-to-Wall Vanity


Continuous vanity edges highlight contemporary interior design, offering the stretching, elegant surfaces homeowners love. Sure, a wall-to-wall vanity is minimalist, but it still offers the plentiful room every wash area deserves. Often fitted with flat, wood-finished panel doors, wall-to-wall vanities sacrifice cabinet pulls for sleek surfaces. Consider selecting a dark wood grain finish, as long-room vanities are more appealing with strong, contrasting colors.


The Floating Wall-to-Wall Vanity


Bold, floating vanities stretching from wall to wall certainly make an impact. Modern bathrooms are defined by tight spaces, and floating wall-to-wall vanities support such space allocation with simplicity, straight-shot designs and ease of accessibility. Often, flat panel cabinets are installed to raise a floating wall-to-wall vanity’s minimalistic appeal. Classic elements of contemporary design, like chrome faucets and tall vessel sinks are package regulars. In most cases, a floating wall-to-wall vanity is used to establish strong, industrial looks. They can, however, be installed as marble accent pieces to boost a wash area’s far-reaching aura of comfort.


It’s important to select a vanity fitting of your bathroom’s size. Unfortunately, a floating vanity pair isn’t feasible in a small washroom. That said, separate floating vanities are fantastic additions to standing-shower washrooms. If you want to pull your bathroom’s look together, consider installing a wall-to-wall vanity—or even a singular floating vanity. While your vanity’s faucets and sink shouldn’t determine your installation choice, they should still be considered. Your bathroom’s ability to please, comfort and thrill will be determined by its overall feel.


From the ground up, your bathroom makes a statement via its tile, bath area, vanity, sink and toilet. Check out your options today, and pick a vanity capable of tying in each bathroom installation. A vanity is often a bathroom’s biggest addition, after all.