Stone Forest: Organically Beautiful
Bath and Beyond October 2, 2015

Custom-carved, stone-based bathroom sets have never been so organic. Stone Forest offers nature’s finest amenities through hand-crafted elegance, dedication to detail and exquisite options. Contemporary designs are guaranteed—as is an unparalleled attention to detail. Kitchen and bathroom designs are a specialty, redesigning an entire household’s ambiance and warmth.


Natural Materials


Stone Forest takes pride in utilizing nature’s blueprint in every design. Classic, mysterious designs are crafted using hardwoods, copper, iron, bamboo, bronze and stone. Visitors can expect an expansive inventory offering industry verified materials, custom designs and a woodland touch preserved through stone surfaces.


Each kitchen and bath product is sold exclusively through Stone Forest’s provisions, and support, installation information and general inquiry is always available through Stone Forest’s contact page. Stone Forest Dealers utilize garden-centric designs to mesh each bathroom installation with exterior foliage, trees, stones and items—ensuring an inclusive, yet pleasant, experience.


Customization and the Modern Era


Modern bathrooms serve homeowners with more than private amenities and relief. An all-natural feel is achievable when style and design are prioritized—making a bathroom much more than a bathroom. Toilet and shower creations may rely on functionality, but Stone Forest’s historical appeal increases the household’s inner quality.


Stone sinks deliver functional basin support while increasing the area’s elegance. Similarly, bamboo additions, custom projects and high-rising pedestals achieve unparalleled freshness. New products, a hefty industrial collection and farmhouse designs match functionality with world-class innovation.


Your Bathroom and You


Household additions, when patched with bathroom installation designs, achieve beauty while expanding perceived size. Stone Forest is dedicated to increasing scope and depth. No design is without practical application, and no product lacks the necessities to enhance remodeling options. Fully natural stone ties ceiling texture with comfortable niches—creating new opportunities in old spaces.


Cosmetic items are similarly available, generating appear alongside an added cascading water wall, a décor set, a candelabra set or toiletry area. Natural stone, metals and other materials needn’t be rough, harsh and isolating, and Stone Forest believes a return to the outdoor world preserves a household’s place in the world.


A stone sink accommodates for ceramic tile shower designs well, and marble, glass, stone and natural metal inclusions fuse a bathroom’s inner personality with the visitor’s needs. Long-lasting materials are always used, ensuring memorable experiences and quality design. Of course, installation methods are personal. Every bathroom is different—as is every design. Furnishings, toiletries and amenity placement is important, as is stylistic incorporation.


The modern bathroom has become tied to perfection, beauty and pristine coordination. The modern homeowner deserves a little more than pure utility, and stone surfaces increases outdoor resemblance without neutralizing a bathroom’s natural color scheme. Luminous fixtures added, introduced shades, textures and character can be added to add a glorious, rustic feel. Sink support and shower placement support are offered, ensuring premium installation opportunities and overall unity. Your bathroom is your area—and it’s time to experience the outdoor world indoors, nature’s finest offerings in fine-nested designs and stylistic mosaics with pure, holistic installations.


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