The Galley and Julien
Bath and Beyond February 6, 2016

Home improvements deserve fine detail touches. The Galley and Julien, both remarkable brands, deliver unprecedented attention to elegant angles and undiminished beauty. Both They Galley and Julien collections propose a unique approach to kitchen revitalization and customization: Each portrays a unique sense of natural appeal within timeless materials.


Kitchen customization requires a sharp sense of reverence, as do design-oriented homeowners seeking memorable home areas. The Galley, dedicated to launching only pristine products, continues to please with moving inclusions. Julien similarly achieves excellence, reinvigorating age-old designs to revitalize any household.


The Galley


The Galley focuses upon passionate design. Stainless steel sinks require a unique installation, and Roger Shollmier’s passion translates well into each Galley product. A family cook, a food preparer and a design connoisseur, his inspiration for each Galley stainless steel design is birthed from a love of utility. The client always comes first, and the kitchen always functions for the family at large.


Bred of convenience, too, The Galley proposes a new approach to timeless design. Serving, entertaining, prepping and cleaning have all been considered, and each product exemplifies the height of modern living. The Galley Workstation, the brand’s initial entity, has since evolved from high-functioning design provider to guardian of inspiration.


Each Guardian stainless steel sink is tailored to the homeowner’s exact specifications, ensuring total pleasure throughout each product’s lifespan. An invoker of kitchen redefinition, each Galley stainless steel sink is offered in a variety of sizes. In selecting the perfect fit, the homeowner is guaranteed an award-winning product, long-term use and durable utilities.




A primary provider of customizable stainless steel sinks, Julien proposes a refreshing approach to limitless operation and classic appeal. Julien’s product line marries practicality with design, sincerely incorporating its unique personality with accompanying décor. Exclusive distinction, of course, is promised.


Each Julien stainless steel sink is flexible. Over 25 options are available—each containing the brand’s unique breath and artistic touch. Julien prioritizes the homeowner’s capacity for configuration, and it honors the modern homeowner’s approach to form, function and feasibility. Containing a wide array of customization combinations, Julien stainless steel sinks contain the firm utility of a household appliance while reflecting the homeowner’s unique identity.


Each Julien product is similarly tailored to ensure a capacity for the industry’s top offers. Each edition’s customizable features may be paired with function-increasing options, expanding amenities to fully encompass Julien’s capabilities. Homeowners are frequently magnetized to Julien’s undermount options, spanning across apron flat, apron curved and flushmount additions.


Through their a la carte offerings Julien features pre-developed faucet holes, so as to engage the homeowner’s imagination prior to installation. Of course, the homeowner is consulted throughout such installation. Each design contains the air of full disclosure, and each product assures sincerity, care and security. Built-in drain-boards are a common product inclusion, expanding product lines to accommodate for 12, 18 and 24-inch sizes.


Built-in tilt out drawers, drain positions and other options are both included and customizable, as is each product’s total size. The modern home benefits from careful attention to detail, and both providers guarantee exquisite features., galleystory,,,