The Hansgrohe Faucet: Meet Luxurious
Bath and Beyond October 9, 2015

Beautiful bathrooms are always an option, and Hansgrohe promises spacious, luxurious lifestyle. Your bathroom and kitchen experience deserves durability and pristine allure, and every private spa, living area and bathroom collection deserves a Hansgrohe faucet.


Timeless Designs


The choice is yours, and small, private collections are just as viable as grand bathroom amenities. At Hansgrohe, the homeowner always comes first. Dream dimensions are delivered through classic design options, and each selection incorporates the past into modern, inspirational sets. Hansgrohe’s Metris C collection offers inclusions from previous generations while accentuating superior quality.


Similarly, Hansgrohe’s basic Metris faucet selection guarantees a “less is more” feel with a much-appreciated approach to neat, tidy atmospheres. Modern bathrooms should accentuate beauty, daring to achieve sophistication without impairing functionality. Each Hansgrohe faucet accesses modern technology, delivering unparalleled experiences alongside great ranges and heights.


Perfect for Comfort


Each Hansgrohe product boasts hand-sprayed surfaces, offering classic deck or wall-mounted options. Attractive kitchen setups, professional installations and side pieces are available, offering different spout heights, generous dimensions and excellent comfort. At Hansgrohe, the “home” feeling isn’t only maintained—it’s highlighted.


Those who love cooking will experience a greater sink operating radius. Each Hansgrohe faucet height has been specifically tailored to modern kitchen dimensions, allowing maximum water flow and precise use. The kitchen needn’t be stressful, and both home cooks and gourmet makers can appreciate a product made for everyone. Quality, expertise and design have been combined to offer multiple functions. Hansgrohe faucets inspire users with intelligent design, hand-sprayed surfaces and 360 degrees of motion.


Award-Winning Features


Hansgrohe faucets are renowned for their excellent features, and their long-lasting design provides ample time for use. Each product has been expertly crafted with high-quality materials, granting long service lifetimes—even during heavy use. Hansgrohe products utilize sensual designs to heighten any room’s allure, and each surface’s finish has been cast with a Polished Chrome or Steel Optik finish. Durability is always a Hansgrohe asset.


Ergonomic comfort exists within each Hansgrohe product. Suitable for all ages, each sink is highly accessible, enhancing the user’s overall kitchen or bathroom experience. Each individually positioned handle separates spout from control unit, ensuring multi-dimensional use without sacrificing utility. Hansgrohe faucets are available with magnetic holders, too, and their MagFit design fixes each selection’s hand-spray to the spout. Of course, alternative use is always considered, and Hansgrohe ensures durable designs to ensure repeat, unique uses.


Perfect for Kitchen or Bathroom Use


At Hansgrohe, accessibility is an asset. Cooks, innovative homeowners and comfort-seekers need not despair when seeking great options, as multiple sink lines exist to fulfill both kitchen and bathroom needs. Again, sophisticated technology delivers supreme options, and every household deserves upmost attention when attractive utilities are considered. Great operational comfort, value and design are promised, and Hansgrohe’s intelligent designers have spared no expenses in crafting beautiful, sharp designs.


Your experience is ready, and great benefits await. Hansgrohe products are unrivaled within the industry, and their attention to homeowner needs outmatches competing brands. Understood as a great provider, Hansgrohe continues to serve the community responsible for its success.,,,,