THG, Watermark and Gessi
Bath and Beyond January 28, 2016

THG, Watermark and Gessi contain classic architectural touches while presenting entirely new, innovative industrial designs. Modern homes are slick, enticing and enchanting, and each industrial bath feature accommodates for the new generation’s attention to detail.


Every THG, Watermark and Gessi product yields the world’s most intuitive edges, catering to an audience understanding of perfection. Special organization highlights each product’s captivating angles, guaranteeing pleasure with every use.




THG industrial and classic bath fixtures benefit from the brand’s luxury yacht outfitting services. A proud product provider for over 50 years, THG succeeds in enhancing initiatives while capturing the perfect fixture shape. THG industrial and classic bath fixtures delve into the realm of facilitated perfection; each product enhances the homeowner’s bathroom set with familiar tones. A high accomplishment, THG’s distinguishable touches, found in models like the THG-Paris, utilize an unprecedented collaboration of firm French touches to generate a calm, yet durable design.


Similarly, THG bath fixtures may be outfitted with smooth, curved and wide spouts, harnessing the intricacies of stepped pedestals and fluting. THG products invoke the art of skilled Lalique masters, ensuring new, yet curiously, timeless, installations.




Brooklyn in design and elegant in execution, Watermark industrial and classic bath fixtures feature full control and accessible customization. Each luxury commercial product features Watermark’s hallmark design, and each benefits from the melting-pot culture upon which the brand was developed.


Watermark bath fixtures complement the brand’s love of environment. Each product aggressively follows Watermark’s core ideologies—investing in water-saving inclusions without diminishing functionality. Environmentally-safe products are Watermark’s mainstay, and each manufacturing practice has been refined to guarantee limitless use and fine architecture.


Homeowners may be pleased with the brand’s deeper, richer industrial hues found in the Brooklyn, the Loft and Elan Vital. Or, they may be enticed by Watermark’s core classical line, including the Transitional, the Anika and the Haley. Each Watermark product contains a degree of customization, so every household benefits from attention to detail and familiar colors.




Gessi product designs reinvent the modern conception of bath fixtures. A major provider of classic-design options, Gessi still succeeds in creating a firm industrial line. Gessi’s spirit of innovation has challenged the market before, introducing revolutionary ideas capable of transforming the modern homeowner’s experience. Warm, sleek and accessible, Gessi products offer a sophisticated approach to form, function and design.


The 1996 “Diverso” faucet propelled Gessi into modern popularity, breaking tradition by offering emblematic appeal. Each Gessi bath fixture is a décor object, and each garners attention via unique personality. The brand’s products benefit the user’s environment in both style and image—invoking underlying themes within a wide array of furnishing elements. The Gessi product line is robust, it’s clean and it’s technologically flawless.


THG, Watermark and Gessi designs all excel in dynamic operation, adaptable installation and ease-of-use, and each provider has engaged homeowners for years. Significant across many “home-scapes,” such products excel in all forms—delivering memorable environments with classic touches, timeless designs and unparalleled precision, both as utilities and works of art.,,,