Unlacquered Brass is Making a Comeback
Bath and Beyond January 25, 2016

Unlacquered brass is back in a big way. Currently one of the industry’s number-one bathroom choices, unlacquered brass is being selected for lavatory tub fillers, faucets and shower fittings. In the past, unlacquered brass selections were considered timeless, responsive and consistent. Now, they’ve achieved the same while being incredibly trendy.


Design-Conscious Homeowners


The modern homeowner prefers gold-tone metals to exemplify a “living finish,” focusing on unlacquered brass’s ability to be polished easily. Unlacquered brass, when polished, complements nearly any modern bathroom set, fancying a designer shower, outdoor-minded installation and natural lighting alike.


Or, unlacquered brass can be left to its own devices. Naturally aging unlacquered brass, eventually, takes on warm, natural green and brown tones. A traditional finish, unlacquered brass’s natural colors tend to feel current, trendy and inspiring. As homeowners take increasing notice of unlacquered brass’s timeless placement in any given room, natural greens and browns become more popular.


Rise of the Organic Bathroom


Unlacquered brass has become fancied alongside the newly popular organic bathroom, too. New, modern bathroom floors utilize grays, blacks and white to pull off cool, natural tones while remaining trendy. Gray, compatible with a variety of stonework, imbues modern bathrooms with subtle charcoal hints, white-black veins and modern appeal.


Unlacquered brass carries specific undertones—undertones capable of highlighting a bathroom’s exquisite design without being jarring. While unlacquered brass excels in “standing out,” it matches organic bathroom sets rather well. Gray-veined Calacatta has never looked sharper juxtaposed next to the industry’s hottest tub and sink selections.


Sharp Faucets


Unlacquered brass maintains another benefit when installed in the form—or proximity—of angular faucets. Sharp faucet installations have become modern bathroom mainstays; their 1950’s-type design is both trendy and reminiscent of high fashion. Vintage Cadillac styles are back, and they’re taking form in household utilities.


Brass installations pull out the Cadillac look well, sharpening their bold appearance while remaining individual. The “sharp faucet trend” touches upon the return to unlacquered brass due to heightening classic appeal. Sure, multifunctional installations have become favored, but that doesn’t necessitate a total departure from the past, does it?


Warm Shower Tones


Modern bath areas have implemented clear door panels and glass, increasing popularity of warm installation colors. Bathroom faucets, while resembling classic hood ornaments, remain a good transition for these installations, too. Unlacquered brass ties warm shower areas to bold taps, creating the perfect urban space.


Warm shower areas, when paired with unlacquered faucets—tubs, even—achieve exquisite gold tones. The height of modernity, warm, gold-brass cleaning areas have become the “who’s who” of bathroom luxury. Even towel bars, plumbing bars, toiletry containers and mirrors have expanded to accommodate for the unlacquered style. A bathroom space needs to be cohesive, and gorgeous unlacquered surfaces create a distilled presence.


Brass’s comeback isn’t too surprising, either. As modern knockers, knobs and kitchen areas approach vintage looks, bathroom amenities follow. The unlacquered style is in, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Nhttp://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/1000378/list/Brass-and-Gold-Accents-Make-a-Comeback/,

Now, new bathroom schemes are exceedingly beautiful, enriching the future with past-time favorites.



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