Which Kitchen Faucet Do You Need
Bath and Beyond January 18, 2017

Your kitchen faucet, likely, is the most-used home feature you’ve got. It’s important to ensure the functionality of your faucet, and it’s even more important to select the right style. Whether you’re washing dishes, washing hands or using your sink area for cooking, your faucet can’t be overlooked.


While most faucets fit the bill, cleanliness-wise, each type carries unique advantages. Your faucet selection should mesh with your home’s appeal, color and style. It should also meet your kitchen’s demands. Check out the post popular faucet styles below, and find out which fits your area best.


The Pull Out Faucet


Kitchens with limited sink room, small cooking areas and overhanging cabinets need something flexible. Pull out faucets feature fully integrated pull-out sprayers, replacing the typical hole-drilled faucet design with side-spray accessibility.


If your kitchen is home to pots, pans and all sorts of sink additions, a pull-out faucet may provide the space you need. Pull-out faucets can stretch, fill and navigate pots and pans easily. They can reach any sink angle, too, making them a solid choice for large island sink areas.


X The Motion Detecting Faucet


Motion activated faucets turn on and off automatically. Because you don’t need to activate them via touch, you needn’t worry about overuse and wasted water. Motion detecting faucets are particularly useful in messy kitchens. If your hands are frequently dirty, and if your surrounding sink area is packed with food often, an automatic faucet is certainly useful. Don’t worry about alternative use, either, as motion detecting faucets are often equipped with manual override options.


Kitchen Faucet With Side Spray


A side-spraying faucet offers a separated sprayer attachment, so you’re guaranteed flexibility and ease of use. High-end faucet lines include high-quality water pistols which match faucet and sink accessories. Commonly used in small basin sinks, side-spraying faucets are quite popular due to their range of motion, stylish look and incredible accessibility.


The Dual Handle Faucet


Dual handle faucets offer full-range temperature control, separate handle support and a classic look. Also popular in traditional kitchens, dual handle faucets are typically installed on larger sinks. The “bridge style faucet” offers decorative pipe risers, a raised platform and flexible connectivity, the bridge style faucet is both effective and subtle. Dual handle faucets are, perhaps, the most classic-looking faucets available.


You have a lot of faucet options. While each deviates a bit from classic designs, each is useful in different living spaces. Heavy-traffic kitchens, for example, may benefit from a pull out faucet’s flexibility. Large cooking areas, meanwhile, are often equipped with motion detecting faucets. Above all: Examine your sink’s size. If the basin doesn’t grant much elbow room, you may benefit more from a small faucet—or even a side-spraying faucet. If, however, you’re graced with ample space, then a dual handle faucet may be a good choice.


Take care with your decision, plan around your budget and select an installation which complements your entire kitchen. While a lot of faucet styles exist, your living space comes first.